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    1nc upon a tim ther was a sparkleig dracular named edgar he was a really good at what he does when dualies pistol he jump shot heds but story for another time.
    bela was a girl from spokain washingmachineton and she was angry ad dad bc he was a jerk cop who haseld her so much about pott use age. but neway bela and edwarg wer in a hi sckool and bela look at endward and say <3 and edward was 2 goth and emo 4 her sole 2 handle neway they went in2 the woods and fighting rpg random battl and gained experienceing and then eventualy bela got to meed edars family and thar a lot of vpires and simmone belomt was like whip-----/ and the draguclas were redflash but push bella and her face hit a table and she bleed and then draculars were fight and pvp in the place edarang theleported belaa to the outsides and fighted his family some stupidshit happend sudenly dracular baseball and a base was baled hit and ball went far and then fampire fight and emo dracstick bulshit adn i dnt know twilite sux and ur a faget for reeding all of this
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