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    Oh, hey there. My deepest apologies for not updating in months. I've just been busy with work and games such as Nier Replicant Sqrt(1.5) and Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I dusted off my Switch to finally play a Fire Emblem game. 50+ hours in and I'm still somewhere in chapter 8 (help me). I have also gotten super-addicted to a gacha game that I will choose not to name (not Genshin Impact). Needless to say, a portion of the paycheck is funding this addiction (help me). I've also been catching up with FFXIV, since I still have to go through a year's worth of content (rip WoW, btw).

    In other news, my job has so many downtimes that I've been keeping myself busy by worldbuilding the Aersia universe. I think I'll be making a game, but I've just been jotting down a novel's worth of random lore and ideas.

    Anyway, thanks for reading my blog. For this redemption arc, I will be putting up some of the best tracks I have in the backlog.

    NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... - Snow in Summer
    NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... - Song of the Ancients / Fate
    NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... - Fleeting Words / Outsider
    NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... - Shadowlord's Castle
    NieR - Song of the Ancients / Fate
      exiled from VIP
    This was my first time playing a version of the original Nier game. I still think Automata is a better game overall, but Nier Replicant definitely sets the atmosphere. I also think the original Nier has better music, and this updated version made the music even better... for the most part. "Song of the Ancients / Fate" is a special track, because not only is it an absolute banger, it also plays during the only battle that syncs with the music. Even though it is somewhat unnoticeable, I thought it was a neat touch. Fun fact: The track was played during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics' Parade of Nations.

    Hades - The Painful Way
    Hades - Through Asphodel
    Hades - Out of Tartarus
    I have not played Hades, but it's made by Supergiant Games, makers of Bastion and Transistor, so the music is top-notch.

    Project Wingman - Showdown
    Project Wingman - Presidia
    Project Wingman - Fire with Fire
    Ah, Project Wingman, the best Ace Combat clone I've ever played, except every aircraft is renamed to avoid copyright laws. It also happens to be the only Ace Combat VR game on PC. The music has its own style and does very well on its own, while still sounding like it's inspired by Ace Combat.

    Wargroove - Theme Of Wargroove
    Wargroove - Fledgling Queen
    Wargroove - Dashing General
    Wagroove: Double Trouble - Towering Chieftain
    Wargroove is probably the best Advance Wars clone on the PC. It even has a robust level editor. The OST is also pretty good.

    Transport Tycoon (2013) - Small Town
    Transport Tycoon (2013) - Don't Walk!
    Transport Tycoon (2013) - Stroll On
    I bet you didn't know Transport Tycoon was released on mobile devices... and it sucks! But it has a gloriously remastered OST by the original composer, John Broomhall.

    Streets of Rage 4 - Streets of Rage 4 (Main Theme)
    Streets of Rage 4 - They're Back
    Streets of Rage 4 - Estel: Round 2
    For some reason SoR4 turns me off something fierce. I'm not a big fan of the cartoony graphics. Yuzo Koshiro was brought back just to do a couple of tracks. All the other tracks are kind of meh. I'd say it's still better than SoR3's music though.

    Cloudbuilt - Relics of Vigor
    Cloudbuilt - Sinister Gale
    Cloudbuilt - Aurora
    Super Cloudbuilt - Monolith
    Super Cloudbuilt - Aerial Walkways
    Super Cloudbuilt - Cloudscapes and Speed
    Cloudbuilt is a series of 3D action platformers with some absolute bangers.

    Jumping Flash! - JF1-W6 Distant Cosmos
    Jumping Flash! - JF1-W5 Boss Transforming Cube Machine
    Jumping Flash! is another series of 3D action platformers, but from the PS1 era. Fun fact: It holds the Guinness world record as the first ever 3D platformer.

    Dust: An Elysian Tail - Abadis Forest
    Dust: An Elysian Tail - Deities
    Dust: An Elysian Tail - Everdawn Basin
    Dust: An Elysian Tail - Cirromon Caverns
    Now here's a 2.5D platformer... for furries! Dust has a pretty epic OST and has been sitting on the VIP backlog for a very long time.

    Brigador: Up-Armored Edition - You Will Not Survive
    Here's a track from the Brigador relaunch.

    Pilotwings 64 - The 8-Bit Big Band - Birdman feat. Zac Zinger
    Super Mario World - The 8-Bit Big Band - End Theme
    Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - The 8-Bit Big Band - Hydrocity Zone feat. Grace Kelly
    And finally, here's some more 8-Bit Big Band for some super-smooth goodness.

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