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    Today, we celebrate any victory that may have happened around this time in history. That means we need some good-time-feeling music! (mostly dance)

    Sonic Before the Sequel '12 - Titanic Tower Act 1
    Sonic Before the Sequel '12 - When The End is in Sight -For Arcane Altitude Act 2
    Sonic Before the Sequel '12 - Ode to Shattered Illusions -For Final Boss
    Sonic After the Sequel - Espresso with Bayonetta -For Cyan City Act 3
    Sonic After the Sequel - Liquid Crystals -For Sugar Splash Act 1
    Sonic After the Sequel - Serious Influence -For Redhot Ride Act 1
    Sonic After the Sequel - Pomp and Circumstance
    Sonic Generations -Unleashed Project - Unleashed Project -Endless Possibilities
    Spark the Electric Jester - Main Theme of Spark the Electric Jester
    Spark the Electric Jester - Megaraph Fortress (Stage 16)
    Spark the Electric Jester - Lunar Bass (Stage 10)
    Spark the Electric Jester - Smog City (Stage 5)
    Spark the Electric Jester 2 - Titantic Tower
    Spark the Electric Jester 2 - Hyperath Fleet
    Spark the Electric Jester 2 - F.M. City
    Spark the Electric Jester 2 - Floresta Blanca
    Here's the magical musical journey of one astounding development team consisting of 5 or so composers and 1 dude who pretty much does everything else. They went from making Sonic fan games/mods to selling their own Sonic ripoff game series! Spark 3 is already in the works. Their music has stayed amazingly consistent throughout the years; it's great.

    Just Shapes & Beats - Menu
    Just Shapes and Beats is yet another music-based shmup. It's got a lot of nice beats but uses a lot of 3rd-party music, so here's just the menu.

    Cuphead - Sim Gretina - Dramatic Fanatic (Peggy Suave Remix)
    Final Fantasy VIII - Sim Gretina - Man With The Machine Gun (Sim Gretina Remix)
    Sim Gretina makes some super-wicked EDM arrangements. It's a shame he's dead... music-wise.

    Wan Nyan Slash - Wan Nyan's Growl (TITLE)
    I'll put in a random chiptune track from an unknown game, because why not?

    Umihara Kawase Shun - "Tama River" Stage BGM
    Sayonara Umihara Kawase - Public bath
    Let's end with the positively calming music of Umihara Kawase. I played the first game for a few minutes, and it was just frustrating. It's not Dark Souls hard, but more like QWOP or Getting Over It hard. I read the developer of QWOP even has it as one of his top 5 favorite SNES games.

    That's all, stay safe.
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