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  1. Cats777 ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

    Here comes another Easter miracle... post-Easter. It's an update that actually adds not one, but a bunch of exciting new features.

    Check this shit out:

    You can now tag tracks as your Chosen. Think of them as your favorites but with a tweest! They have added weight to them in the shuffle RNG. By default, they have a 25% chance to play after every track. This rate is customizable, as you'll see in a sec.

    You can also now block your most-hated tracks. They won't play at all, unless you click on them or open their shared link.

    There's a new configuration button in the menu that allows you to customize the chance of playing Chosen tracks. Setting it to 100% makes it so that only your Chosen tracks will play. If there's only 1 Chosen track, the playlist will force it down to 99%, because I added some code that prevents the playlist from playing the same track twice in a row. Really, that's what the repeat button is for!

    These features rely on the track IDs (the numbers that show up in the share link), so they will only work on VIP and Source for now. They're also automatically saved in your browser. You can use the import/export features to copy/paste across different browsers or if you plan on switching between your desktop and mobile device! Or even make a backup in case something messes up and everything gets cleared somehow. It's a BETA!

    I spent more time deciding on what colors to use for the Chosen/blocked tracks than actual coding. I was messing with a color wheel and ended up using a triadic color scheme, whatever that is.

    Bug fixes:
    • Firefox now successfully caches the audio, due to the fact that all the music files were moved to the domain and are therefore no longer considered "crossdomain". This was never a problem with Chrome for some reason.

    I hope you all find some use for these features! Thanks for reading/listening!
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  2. bunbun777 Cream League

    Amazing job, I sincerely appreciate you for the effort of work and love of the music! Being able to favorite and block is a game changer, thanks.
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  3. thecirow Cream League

    About firefox, they are generally more paranoid about security. Thank you for fixing it.
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