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    I've implemented a feature that I've always wanted to add; in fact, it was one of my initial planned features. Anyway, some of you may have figured out that switching playlists from VIP to Source while playing a track would send you to the selected track's source... track. Well, now there's a feature to make it even easier!

    This button instantly swaps an arranged track with the original track! You can even keep it on the "sourced" track if you prefer it to the arrangement. Needless to say, this feature is only available in VIP.

    I had a hard time trying to come up with a way to accentuate the sourced tracks, because even Chosen and blocked tracks can be sourced. My simple mind eventually settled on thick colored tabs. Here's a screenshot showing how the three features can work in tandem. If anyone else thinks they have a better design idea, I'm all ears.

    Just be aware that the share link will still link to the VIP track and not the Source track.

    Here's the improved configuration menu. As you can see, it's a lot taller in order to accommodate all the features. With all that added space, I changed some of the formatting on the other menu pages. The "Other VIPlayers" page is now the "Special Thanks" page with extra links to some of my "competition". Every button is also slightly taller.

    Oh yeah, you can also now disable animations, just in case the scrolling somehow affects your computer's performance or distracts you.

    Bug fixes:
    • I managed to fix the problem with the gray border gradients not showing up in IE. It's one of those simple fixes that makes me feel dumb for not knowing it. It even cleaned up some of the code. If you're one of the 99% who doesn't use IE, this fix is pretty useless.
    • Not really a bug, but the rain sound effect setting in Mellow is now saved. So if you have it disabled, it'll stay disabled when you revisit the site.

    I may have to make a tutorial for newbies describing all these features. >_>
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