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Discussion in 'Playlists' started by Streke, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Streke Edam League

    I immensely enjoy your playlist, but I'd like it if there was strong support for a mobile-friendly version. I can certainly use it on the phone as of now, with the stock browser and the flash capability. However, its hard to navigate songs and the music stops after each song as the phone's screen sleeps.

    I'd like to see either a mobile friendlier version, which I don't know how much work that would take with what's currently on the table, or perhaps an App on the market for myself to download and enjoy. I don't know what would be involved or how much time and effort would need to be committed to finish this - but I'd enjoy you entertaining the idea and perhaps answering the capabilities of the playlist.

  2. Black Gorgonzola League

    Agreed :3
    I also would like a mobile friendly mode implemented. It would be awesome for everyday shit.
  3. Cats777 ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

    I'm not familiar with any app development, and I believe it also costs money. The best I can do is make an HTML5 version, which is guaranteed to be mobile-friendly. However, I still have much to learn about JavaScript and PHP.
  4. Streke Edam League

    Great, just wanted to see the capabilities of the playlist. Highly preferred to get some mobile version out, I'm sure enough people are enthusiasts that if you advertise on the main playlist, people'll support whatever mobile creation via ads or purchases.

    Regardless, It's great to know the situation. Thanks for getting back.

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