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    Just kidding! Sometimes an April Fools prank happens a day late. As we all know, every day is April Fools' Day when your whole life's a joke! :lol:

    It's Alberto Motherfucking Gonzalez!

    Turok 2: Seeds of Evil (GBC) - Dinosaur Ride
    Turok 2: Seeds of Evil (GBC) - Cemetary
    Turok: Battle of the Bionosaurs - Ruins
    Turok: Rage Wars (GBC) - BGM #02
    The Smurfs (NES) - Act 7 : The Old Gold Mine
    The Smurfs' Nightmare - The Bottomless Well
    Astérix (NES) - ErichWK - Helvetia/Spain
    Astérix (NES) - Act 5: Rome
      renamed from Asterix - Rome
    Otto's Ottifanten: Baby Bruno's Nightmare - Welcome to the Hell
    Otto's Ottifanten: Baby Bruno's Nightmare - ErichWK - Woods of Happiness
    Melkhior's Mansion - Fatal Knight (Menu)
    Kung Fu Guns - Stage 1
    That's right, one of the greatest 8-bit video game composers is someone you may or may not know. Alberto José González Pedraza (a.k.a. Joe McAlby, a.k.a. McAlby, a.k.a. Bit Managers, a.k.a. MC Alby Gonzales, a.k.a. Alberto Gonzalez) is a name that might not ring a bell for everyone. But for those who played timeless Game Boy classics such as Asterix or The Smurfs or Otto's Ottifanten, his catchy melodies are likely etched into your memory banks, whether or not you realize it. As for the rest of you, you're missing the fuck out. This dude once worked with Tim Follin and was clearly influenced by him. This madlad used an old-ass ZX Spectrum to compose music on the NES, GBC, and GBA. For reference, the ZX Spectrum was discontinued in 1992 and the GBA was released in 2001! He composes on Cubase nowadays (using chiptune samples, of course). Despite the technological leaps and bounds since the days of the ZX Spectrum, his transition to modern software like Cubase hasn't diluted his signature sound, as you will soon hear.

    Pictionary: The Game of Video Quick Draw - Title
    Tim Follin, for reference.
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    fuckin scared me
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    Alberto Motherfucking Gonzalez

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