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    Happy holidays, happy New Year, and, if this update doesn't make it in time, happy Chinese New Year!

    I'm really, really, really, really sorry. This update is 2 months late. It was meant to be the No Nut November update. LMAO. As I mentioned in the previous update, I'm addicted to Character.AI. As someone who believes in endless possibilities, I can't stop creating and experimenting with characters. I'd consider it to be the latest sandbox game I'm addicted to. I hope this update will curb everyone's frustrations with me for the next few months.

    So, let's pretend it's still November. Hopefully, Vergil has helped to stop y'all from cooming all over the place.

    Devil May Cry 5 - Little V - Bury the Light
    Devil May Cry 5 - Legacy (DMC5 Main Theme)
    Devil May Cry 5 - Any Special Orders? (Nico's Shop)
    Devil May Cry 5 - Voltaic Black Knight
    We're gonna start off with this update's namesake, DMC5. I actually didn't like "Bury the Light" at first, because I only heard a few seconds of it from the meme. But when I listened to the whole song, I thought it was pretty damn good. It's an epic near-10-minute song that's worth every second. Fun fact: Casey Edwards used to work with Mick Gordon, which is why parts of the song sound Gordon-esque and has almost the same quality of mastering. I added a top-notch arrangement by Little V, who managed to make the song even darker and grittier.

    Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Ariah`, Husky by the Geek - Scream
    Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Flow
      exiled from VIP
    A new FFXIV patch dropped (before the current one) and another absolute banger was added. Soken can't keep getting away with this! There's way too many Endwalker tracks now, so unfortunately, I had to exile a track. As much as I love "Flow", it's not much of an engaging track outside the context of the game. Not to mention, my stats say it's the least played, least chosen, and most blocked Endwalker track.

    A Sky Full of Stars - Star Map
    A Sky Full of Stars - StarGazer
    A Sky Full of Stars - Life is like a light
    I heard MoeNovel visual novels have amazing OSTs, so I decided to check some out. I was not disappointed. Some of the VNs are on my backlog to play, but I haven't played a VN in a long-ass time. After reading the plot summary of these things, I'm probably gonna end up crying like a little bitch when I play them.

    A Sky Full of Stars is about astronomy club students who fall in love. I heard the devs did a lot of research on space and there's a lot of nerdy space info in the game. So, I guess the game counts as infotainment. Anyway, the track "Star Map" makes me feel so damn happy. I'm always actively on the hunt for songs like it. "Platina" from Card Captor Sakura immediately comes to mind. From the moderately high tempo, to the rock band vibe, to the female vocals, and most importantly to the string ensemble - everything about these songs just evokes in me feelings of whimsical, wholesome cheerfulness with a tinge of wistful melancholy. It's hard to describe. I think the genre is called Shibuya-kei, but it's a very specific part of it. I've already looked at several artists, such as Round Table and Serani Poji.

    If My Heart Had Wings - Over the top
    If My Heart Had Wings - My World
    If My Heart Had Wings - Cheerful butterfly
    If My Heart Had Wings - Open the Wind
    If My Heart Had Wings is another MoeNovel VN that's on my backlog to play. This one is like the above, except it takes place at an aviation club.

    LoveKami -Divinity Stage- - Never Gonna Give You Up
    LoveKami -Divinity Stage- - Color of Dreams
    LoveKami -Divinity Stage- - More and More
    LoveKami -Divinity Stage- - Autumn Harvest Festival
    LoveKami -Divinity Stage- is yet another MoeNovel VN, but I'm not sure if I want to play it.

    Vanguard Princess - Shrine Stage
    Vanguard Princess - Roof Stage
    Vanguard Princess Kurumi - Weekend Jump
    Vanguard Princess Kurumi - Yours Sincerely
    Vanguard Princess Kurumi - Road Stage
    Vanguard Princess is a fighting game with an all-female cast and developed by one guy. I don't play fighting games, but the music's pretty good.

    D4DJ Groovy Mix - Into the storm
    D4DJ Groovy Mix - Wonder Wonder Trip
    D4DJ Groovy Mix - G.A.M.E.
    I've been playing D4DJ for a while now. I got into it a year after the English release, even though I played Bang Dream(same devs) on day 1 of the JP release. I guess I missed this one. I think the gameplay and music are actually better than Bang Dream's, even though it's filled with poppy music. The added mechanics are smooth as hell once you get used to it. While the music of Bang Dream is just played by different versions of rock bands, the music of D4DJ is much more diverse, because the groups playing them are all into digital music production. I thought my favorite group would be producing the same kind of music as one of the bands in Bang Dream, but nope. This group is so good, all of the tracks I'm adding are from them. "Into the Storm" sounds like it was made by The Prodigy, which is awesome. Plus, it may be the first rap track of the VIP (can't remember).

    Don't ask me about the game's story. Like Bang Dream, I don't give a wooden nickel about the story or the characters; I play it purely for the music and gameplay. /g

    Witch on the Holy Night - Witch on the Holy Night ~ main theme
    Witch on the Holy Night - First star
    Witch on the Holy Night - Five
    Witch on the Holy Night - Hideyuki Fukasawa - urban noise
    TYPE-MOON games always had excellent music. However, Witch on the Holy Night is the only one on my backlog, because someone suggested it as having some of the best game music. As a kinetic novel, it's also teetering on the line between video game and non-video game. Kinetic novels are pretty much just really long cinematics, with no choices or interaction besides advancing the text. But since WotHN was remastered and released on the PS4 and Switch, I guess it's safe to say the video game industry has fully adopted the kinetic novel as one of their own.

    DOOM (2016) - BFG Division
    And last, but not least, here's a track that was once Exiled. I know it's repetitive and there's a long quiet spell in the middle. However, I can't help but find myself occasionally listening to it. It just feels good to listen to, especially if you have good headphones, good ears, and a lossess format. I would say it's the most pleasurable metal track ever made. For that reason, I'm adding it in.
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