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  1. Ol Jim Grizzigsby American Parmesan League

    Just discovered the Weeaboo Animu Playlist, the first song that came on was the credits song for laputa: castle in the sky, which was pretty much the anime that got me into anime. when I first watched this movie I watched it over and over again until I fell asleep in the lounge room listening to this very song where I had an amazing dream that I was Patsu, the main character in first person and went through all of the events of the movie as Patsu himself.

    I nostalgiad so fucking hard it hurts.

    But also, there doesn't seem to be any direct links to all of the playlists other than vip, I mean, I only found about the WAP from the steam group, lets start a discussion about how these links should be displayed (if they can, cats777 plz).

    Also, what I think would be fucking awesome is like a player for the playlists integrated into the forum, maybe as just a little window on the side of the page? not sure about the technicalities but I would certainly love to listen to this music while posting in Aersia.

    also, for reference:
  2. Black Gorgonzola League

    I agree, sorry to bring up an old thread, but all the playlists should be displayed and linked much more clearly IMHO.

    There's a ton of good content waiting to be found here. ^_^

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