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  1. Hample Casu Marzu League

    Hi, I was just stumbling upon this website through the playlist on stumbleupon..

    What is Aersia?

    In the About section it says about the alternate universe, but didn't find anything in the forum, would love to hear some more about this please!

    Is it something to do with the playlists at all?
  2. Cats777 ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

    Welcome to Aersia! :D

    The world of Aersia and its universe has nothing to do with the playlists. It's just some imaginary place I made up a few years ago for some projects that never took off. If you're interested, I will now type a wall of text.

    Random general history time(first thousand years or so) :
    There are two main masses of land divided by two vast oceans(a bit like Earth). The proto-Aersians already covered much of Aersia. The ones on the eastern continents were still in their classical age, while the ones on the western continents were already well into their renaissance age until a catastrophic disaster turned most of the land into a colossal desert. Guarded by endless sandstorms and countless monsters, the entire half of the world became largely uninhabitable. Thus, the western proto-Aersians were destroyed for the most part.

    Fast forward a few generations, the eastern continents have advanced into their age of discovery era and began to explore westward. A large section of one of the western continents was still somehow lush with green forests and had a thriving natural ecosystem. Colonies were soon erected and boatloads of newcomers arrived to find peace in the forests, build temples to Iad(one of only 2 major religions in the world), and meditate. A new type of metal was discovered called adamorium. This metal would react in a volatile way during one's meditation, and so studies were performed on it.

    Years later, metaconjuring was born. Through meditation, trained metaconjurers were able to manipulate the physical space around them using adamorium as a catalyst and fuel. They could levitate, change, and create objects simply by using their mind and trusty adamorium stones. Due to the nature of this discovery, many nations restricted the use and training of metaconjuring only to those who have the qualifications for it.

    Many new technological advances came from metaconjuring, including power plants, trains, and sky cruisers(airships). Sky cruisers were originally made to traverse the treacherous mountain areas of the eastern continents, but were eventually outfitted for war. And many wars there were. Some wars were for the control of adamorium deposits and some others were against rebellious factions trained in metaconjuring both legally and illegally.

    Moving onwards, give or take a few years, the last great adamorium war engulfs the world and the Union of Nations is established. By this time, Aersia has reached their modern age, and yet no one still knows what created the Great Curtain(the huge desert and sandstorms on the western continents) or how to safely traverse it. Legends say it has something to do with an ancient tower. It looks pretty from space though. Spoilers: it dissipates eventually and roughly 60% of the total population die because of it.

    And there you have a crash course in the history of Aersia up to Pre-Celestial Destiny without providing any details. I hope you enjoyed this little story. :)
  3. Streke Edam League

    Cats, you ever think about making an abridged version? Maybe a synopsis? Tl;dr? I know you'd lose some flavour text and pretty backstory, but eh.
  4. Cats777 ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

    That IS an abridged version. Apologies, I've played too much Paradox grand strategies and like creating different histories.

    tl;dr: Some fairly common yet exhaustible metal gives incredible magical powers and everyone wants it. Corruption. Intrigue. War. Airships. Skyward Destiny.

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