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Discussion in 'Anime Alley' started by Nyangoro, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Nyangoro Limburger League

    Another year, another 12 months of (mostly terrible) anime.


    Just thought I'd throw this thread together since it's only a month away, and I want to try to make this section a little more active.

    Neregate"s V2 Guide (open)

    Kind of disappointing compared to this season's, but winter lineups usually aren't the best, so that's no surprise.

    Even so, there's not much that immediately stands out to me. I can usually find a few that get my attention, but only Chihayafuru and Tamako Market stick out.
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  2. ZippyDoo Monterey Jack League

    Thanks for posting this.

    I didn't know Chihaya would be getting a second season so soon. That makes me pretty excited. I'm also looking forward to Kizumonogatari. Other than that, nothing really sticks out, but i'm sure there's going to be some sleeper/surprise hit. Chihayafuru was in that boat.
  3. Ren Limburger League

    Also looking forward to Kizumonogatari. Not too interested in the rest, but who knows...
    I'll probably also use the the Winter season to catch up on some anime that I missed during the previous seasons.
  4. ViolenceJack Limburger League

    Not looking too interesting for me either. I'll catch up on Muv-Luv (don't know why I'm still watching that) and Chuunbyou.

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