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Discussion in 'Video Game Discussion' started by daFunk, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. daFunk Thread Starter Cottage League

    Let's get some opinions up in here!
  2. rewrite Colby League

    dark souls (pc version)
  3. ZippyDoo Brie League

    I didn't really get a whole lot of new games from 2012. Instead I played a lot of ports and those HD remakes.
    Tales of Graces f and Virtue's Last Reward are the only things I can think of.
  4. Cats777 ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

    Of the ones I've played, it would probably be Sleeping Dogs, followed by Crusader Kings II.
  5. Zpickle American Swiss League

    Now that I think about it, Borderlands 2 is the only game I think I've bought this year. While it is certainly a good game, I don't think it's GOTY material.
  6. JayJay Cheddar League

    The internet would kill me if I said my fave this year was FFXIII-2
    Mine is Sleeping Dogs...
  7. Black American Swiss League

    I think the only games I got were CS: GO and Forza Horizon.

    I guess forza if I had to choose one, but there is a lot they could've improved on in that game.
  8. LegendaryShino Cheddar League

    Mass Effect 3 - People are still butt hurt from that game. The game was excellent!!
  9. Phoenix Cheddar League

    Journey, hands down. But then again I don't play many games these days. Too many other obligations.
    Journey had a strong narrative despite no text; driven by aesthetics, music and contextual storytelling. It is a game I want to foist upon anyone who can appreciate emotional depth.
  10. Nikke Gorgonzola League

    I found Torchlight II to be great fun for like a month until I burned out, no other game managed that. It isn't an amazing game by any means, but it was very addicting one at that. And solely because after a few minutes of thinking and no other games popping out in my mind, this is my GOTY 2012.
  11. Shizeni Cream League

    Dark souls was pretty fun, not that hard when you think about it, but fun nonetheless.

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