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    There are no real holidays this month, so I'm making it Zuntata month! Zuntata is Taito's sound team, so they're obviously responsible for all of Taito's music. That includes, but is not limited to, all the tracks in this update.

    Rayforce - Zuntata - G
    Galactic Storm - Zuntata - Electric Brain Emperor
    Gamera 2000 - Zuntata - The end of 1996 H.K.
    Fighters' Impact - Zuntata - Street -Road-
    Rayforce - Zuntata - PENETRATION
    Puzzle Bobble - Zuntata - Let's Go to Pao Pao Island!
    TH01: Touhou Rei'iden ~ Highly Responsive to Prayers - Unlucky Morpheus - Chronicle of the Wicked Fallen Angel Sariel
     exiled from VIP
    • Zuntata did quite a few live concerts during the 90s, and they rocked. These are a few select tracks. Here's a playlist if you feel like watching a group of jamming developers. See that chick on the keyboard? She composed the music for the Ray shmup series and Ghouls 'n Ghosts.
    • I rarely ever exile tracks from the VIP(I've only done it 9 other times), but when I do, it's a track that I've gotten sick of hearing. I've had the (mis)fortune of listening to this particular Touhou track during someone's live stream. It sounded annoying(and irritating to the ears), so annoying that I felt embarrassed hearing it with other people in the stream. The other Unlucky Morpheus track can stay though(it doesn't sound as annoying). There may be other bad apples in the playlist, but I don't listen to the playlist as much as everyone else does.

    In other news, the VIP has gotten another boost in popularity thanks to Reddit and Lifehacker.

    Also, work on the official HTML5 version is well underway. In the meantime, try this.

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