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    Hey, I haven't updated in some time. Why? Because summer's kicking my ass. Zero or more of you may know summer is my unofficial hibernating season, because it's too damn hot to do anything. Not to mention it sucks being all sweaty and sticky throughout the day. I also got myself addicted to Langrisser Mobile, unfortunately. Yes, it's a gatcha game and completely different from the console versions, but it stole one of my game ideas. Now that I found out it works, I feel inspired. Don't be surprised if I start slacking off updates again. Anyway, thanks for reading my blog; I just had to "vent". Haha, "vent", because it's so hot.

    So I decided to do a big update this time and fill it the catchiest tunes on my update backlog. And what game genre has the catchiest tunes? No, not RPG. It's shoot-em-up, silly goose!

    Gyruss (Famicom DS) - Stage BGM 1
    Life Force (NES) - Nestalgica - Thunderbolt
    Salamander 2 - SENSATION (Stage 2 BGM)
    Salamander 2 - SILVERY WINGS AGAIN (Stage 1 BGM)
    Salamander 2 - PLANET RATIS (MAEDA VERSION) (2nd Lap Stage 5 BGM)
    How about we start with some of the classic Konami shmups like Gyruss and Salamander/Life Force? What, are you expecting some Gradius and/or TwinBee? Maybe next time!

    Raiden II (Arcade) - VanillaLucia - Level 4 -Burnt Field
    Raiden II (Arcade) - VanillaLucia - Level 6 -Decisive Battle
    Raiden DX (PS1) - Go Sato - Conflict
    Raiden DX (PS1) - Break out (Level 6)
    Raiden IV - Brightness of peace (ENDING)
    Raiden IV - Advantageous development (LEVEL 7)
    Raiden IV - A stormy front (LEVEL 1)
    Raiden IV - Flap toward the hope (LEVEL 3)
    Raiden, another classic. I used to spend many a quarter on these games, mostly because I loved the graphics and music.

    Gall Force: Eternal Story - Subtune 4
    Uchuu Keibitai SDF - Extra
    Uchuu Keibitai SDF - Ending
    Here are a couple of obscure classics by HAL Laboratory. Gall Force was one of their earliest games. Uchuu Keibitai was Jun Ishikawa's first composing gig, long before all the Kirby stuff.

    Sora - Rendezvous
    Sora - Necessary
    Sora - Each Reason
    Sora - DEKU - Grey Hued
    SUGURI - DEKU - Green Bird
    SUGURI - DEKU - First Encount
    Acceleration of SUGURI 2 - Black Hole
    Acceleration of SUGURI 2 - Distant Thunder
    Acceleration of SUGURI 2 - Expendables
    I hope you all like trance music, because here's a pile composed by DEKU. You may also know him for composing the music for the meme games Neo Aquarium and Ace of Seafood. Sora and SUGURI are part of the Suguri series of bullet-hell games wherein you play as little girls. Sounds like a Touhou ripoff.

    Idinaloq - STAGE1
    Idinaloq - STAGE2
    Idinaloq was one of the first freeware games I played on PC. I still have the original MIDIs to this day. I converted the music using the best soundfont I can find: SCC1T2.sf2. Believe me, I tried a lot of soundfonts and found this one to be the best for all the variety of MIDIs I tested.

    Syder Arcade - The Planet That Wasn't
    Syder Arcade - This Is How A Man Dies
    The Ghost Blade - VR Ghost Installed | Stage 1
    The Ghost Blade - Seasons on Mars | Stage 2
    Dolphin Squadron - Tooth And Fin
    Prime Legacy - Unbreakable Wings
    Prime Legacy - Catharsis
    Prime Legacy - Primordial Soup
    Stardust Galaxy Warriors - Ultra Air Hadoken (Welcome to Stardust Galaxy Warriors)
    Stardust Galaxy Warriors - Hoshikuzu Ginga Senshi (Asteroid Field Stage)
    Stardust Galaxy Warriors - Platinum Waves (Water World Stage)
    Stardust Galaxy Warriors - Crystal Infinite (Frozen Skies Stage)
    And now we come to our western indie portion of our update. Some of these games are incredibly obscure, but the music is incredibly catchy, especially that of Stardust Galaxy Warriors.

    ESCHATOS - Yousuke Yasui - SILVER LINING ( AREA 1-4 )
    ESCHATOS - Yousuke Yasui - STELLAR LIGHT ( AREA 16-19 )
    ESCHATOS - Yousuke Yasui - POINT OF NO RETURN ( AREA 12-15 )
    Psyvariar: Medium Unit - Misako ADJUMY Sekiguchi - Weakboson(4AM bootleg mix)
    Psyvariar: Medium Unit - Ryu Umemoto - Opening -VOID mix-
    Psyvariar: Medium Unit - WASi303 - Asteroid -Minimimix-
    Psyvariar 2 - Zinger & Bacter - Earth -FM scene mix-
    And we're back in Japan, but these are also obscure games. Ah hell, shmups are obscure in general! Okay, Psyvariar might not be too obscure. I tried playing it once, but then I saw some shit. Eschatos music is so damn good, Yousuke Yasui is now on my radar.

    Einhander - Lix - Thermosphere
    Einhander - Rute - Earthlight
    Zero Wing (Genesis) - Luke Jansen - Natols -Stage 1
    R-Type (Arcade) - Luke Jansen - Battle Theme (Stage 1)
    R-Type (C64) - Matt Gray - Title Theme
    Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine (C64) - Matt Gray - Cybernoid
    Rambo III (C64) - Matt Gray - Level 2
    We're gonna finish off with arrangements to some classics. What's this? Matt Gray somehow snuck himself into the update and only one of his tracks is from a shmup! Why yes, the Matt Gray from a previous update recently released his latest C64 arrangement album Reformation 3. And he's already working on a 4th! That was a slick segue right there.

    Oh boy, what a fuckton! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna add even more shmup music into the update backlog.

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