VIP #VIP Beta 5 Semi-Useless Update!

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    When is the VIP's birthday again? Oh right, it's today, December 18! Today, the VIP is at the ripe age of 12, old enough for child-bearing. It's also almost the end of the year and I added 305 tracks to the VIP(+Mellow) so far. That's well over the New Year's resolution I promised at the start of the year for just 240 tracks!

    But on to the actual update...

    Today's update has to do with the fact that I'm running out of things to update. Dare I say, it may be time to leave beta? It's been a year, but at the same time, early access has been the hip trend these days. So I guess I'll keep the beta tag and find some more things to "fix" and "add".

    • The odds of playing Chosen tracks have been fixed so that setting it to 1% really means 1%.
    • In the Special Thanks section, I fixed SupraDarky's Best VGM link and added a couple more VIPlayers.
    That's literally it.

    One more thing! Flash will be discontinued at the end of the year. That means vip.swf will be officially obsolete. It uses old-and-busted XML to load the music, which means I really should stop updating it. Should I stop updating it?
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